10 Tips for Holiday Hosting

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Making a list and checking it twice. 'Tis the season.

This time of year can be stressful with all the work, home, and everything in between parties. There is a lot to plan for, so plan ahead and you can focus on the true meaning of the season.

If you are in charge of planning food this holiday season here is a quick list of 10 Tips for your next event. Don't forget to check it twice, so that you don’t have anyone pouting.

Serving Style 

Finger foods work well for parties that are between meals. For something more substantial a baked pasta makes an enjoyable holiday meal and is different than your traditional carved meat.

Budget restraints? 

Host a potluck. Order the main entree(s) from a caterer and have individuals bring their favorite side or dessert. Extra tip: Have a "best of" contest for a fun party activity.

Hot or Cold 

Warm offerings complement the cold weather this time of year. For food served throughout the entire event ask your caterer about disposable warmers or opt for cold food.

Gift Them with Variety! 

Everyone loves choices. Incorporate a variety of different flavors and options into your holiday spread. Don't forget a salad or veggie dish to create a balance. It's nice to offer a healthy option during a time of year when it's hard to stay away from sweets.

No One Wants to Run Out 

General rule for finger foods is 4-6 pieces per person per hour. Order extra of the items you feel will be most popular. An entree needs to be ordered for the full count of individuals. Remember, the longer the event, the more food you will need to plan for. Extra Tip: Order plenty of sides such as chips, breads, dips, etc. for fillers to help assure you don't run out.

Dietary Needs

Plan for vegetarian and gluten free choices in your offerings. These are almost always necessary. Ask on your RSVP for any other dietary needs if you are not sure.


Self service gallons of tea and water can help stretch your budget. Plan for 1 gallon per 10-12 guests. If you don't want the stress of keeping the containers topped off, opt for individual bottles and canned drinks.

Don't Get the Party Started Late 

Decide when you want the food set up and ready to serve. Work backwards and consider how much food, the setup, etc. to determine when you want it delivered. Most caterers work within a window so you’ll want to communicate the latest time the food can arrive. 

Personal Touch

If you want to wow your guests give it your own touch by re-plating some of the items and/or adding small decorations to the table. Create dimension on your table by placing the lids to food trays, books, and other items underneath the tablecloth or other linens and place your food trays on top. Extra tip: Check the dollar section at your local retail store for seasonal decorations and table cards to label the food for your guests. 

Spread Joy This Season

Pick a favorite local charity to honor this season and propose to your guests to bring a small donation. Plan a time for you and some of the other guests to deliver the donations or incorporate this into your event. 

Warm wishes and the best of luck in hosting your holiday parties this season. If you want additional information or need assistance planning an event, Jason's Deli has a team of people who love to help.

It's a family thing.™

Happy Holidays!