5 Build Your Own Sandwiches You Never Thought Of

Hey Jason’s Deli Family!

With February in full swing, we think it’s time to switch things up a bit. Here are 5 Build Your Own Sandwiches to try - each one sure to be a delight!

1.     Meat: Ham
        Bread: Toasted Croissant
        Spread: Chipotle Aioli
        Extras: Add an Egg
                    Cheddar Cheese

2.     Meat: Smoked Turkey
        Bread: Ancient Grain Bun
        Spread: BBQ Sauce
        Extras: Jalapeños 
                    Swiss Cheese

3.     Meat: Ham
        Bread: Focaccia
        Spread: Mayo
                     Piquillo Pepper Relish
        Extras: Ask for this one Panini Pressed!

4.    Meat: Tuna Salad
       Bread: Toasted Multigrain Wheat
       Spread: Spicy Brown Mustard
       Extras: Muenster Cheese

5.    Meat: Sirloin Steak
       Bread: Organic Wheat Wrap
       Spread: Jalapeño Ranch
       Extras: Shredded Lettuce
                   Piquillo Peppers

We hope you’ll like these ideas - or be inspired to create your own BYO with any of our ingredients. Please note that some cost extra. 

If you try one, be sure to share it on social media and tag us @jasonsdeli!

It’s a family thing.™