5 Reasons to Love Sweet Potatoes

Hey Jason’s Deli Family!

Let’s be honest - we’re a big fan of sweet potatoes, and we hope you are, too. But just in case, here are five reasons why you should add sweet potatoes to your diet immediately!

They’re Good for You

Sweet potatoes are packed with tons of vitamins that are great for your immune system and preventing heart disease and cancer. They’re also lower in starch than regular potatoes, making them a good choice for people with diabetes.

They Support Immune Health

Who knew preventing sickness could be so tasty?! Sweet potatoes are full of vitamin C and beta-carotene, which both support a healthy immune system. So be sure to stock up during cold & flu season!

You Can Freeze ‘Em

Unlike some dishes, sweet potatoes don’t lose their nutritional value when frozen. This is a plus when you’re feeding a small household, dining on a budget, or just want to be less wasteful. Put those babies in the freezer and save ‘em for later!

They’re Versatile

You can bake, steam, boil, fry, juice and puree them. Some people even put them in smoothies for their added health benefits! AND sweet potatoes can be a tasty nutritious substitute for recipes that call for apples, squash and white potatoes.

We’ve Got Two

We’ve got two delicious sweet potato menu items. Both the Papa Verde and Lean Green are simply amazing. You can even substitute a sweet potato for any of our regular potatoes.

It’s a family thing.™

See you soon!

P.S. We learned all about sweet potatoes from our friends at Wayne E. Bailey here. For more info, check it out!