All Hail the Greatest Sandwiches

For years, you, our raving fans, have enjoyed the incredible variety we offer to you and your families. While we sell absolutely staggering amounts of what I consider to be the best Salad Bar in the industry, we are a deli. Delis - whether they be Kosher, Italian, Eastern European, Hybrids like one of my favorites: Zingerman’s, Grocery Stores, etc. - all have a few things in common, freshly sliced meats and sandwiches. I am constantly amazed by the types of meat, cheese, condiment, bread and vegetable pairings that are keeping this genre fresh and exciting. That being said, at the end of the day, we all love the classics.

While doing some research a few months back for National Sandwich Day, which will be on November 3rd this year, I came across this very interesting article. Turns out that we have or had 26 of the 50 greatest sandwiches of all time! The list of great sandwiches include the following:

#50 Beefeater (French Dip) - One of our top 10 most popular sandwiches! It has had a prominent place on our menu since the late 1980’s. Imagine ½ lb of our famous Roast Beef sliced thinly and soaked in Aujus, then toasted with melted Provolone cheese. Dunk it into the Aujus served on the side and enjoy like 2,201,418 other customers did last year!

#49 Egg Salad - This homemade recipe has continuously made an appearance on our special boards since early 2000s. Usually paired with a cup of French Onion Soup, this slightly mustardy (think Deviled Egg)recipe has a loyal following. You never know when it may return!

#47 The Caprese - Currently residing in our Meatless Eats section on the menu, this is an awesome sandwich. Pannini pressed with Spinach, pesto, tomato and fresh Mozzerella, it has quickly become one of our most popular vegetarian items. In just 9 months we sold 680,168 of these and I think my daughter Sophia has eaten at least 100,000 of them!

#45 Ham and Cheese - This sandwich has been on the menu since day one! Our current version is Nitrite free and is made with over a ¼ lb of meat. Where else can you get that much quality for such a low price? If that is not enough, you get your choice of 9 breads, 10 spreads and 5 cheeses!

#43 Bologna - Crazy as it sounds, Bologna was on the original menu 40 years ago! We used to carry Hebrew National Kosher Bologna and Salami. Both were excellent but, over time, they became less popular so we had to make a decision to take them out of inventory. I guess no one has really missed them?

#42 Corned Beef or Pastrami on Rye - This is one of the reasons you have come to us for 40 years! They are so special, we created a special “Famous Favorites” section on the menu for them.Our proprietary recipe is made to our exacting specifications and has been for 40 years! Couple that with the fact that we serve a ½ lb of these delicious meats at a price that cannot be beaten is why we served over 1,250,000 of these in 2015! Don’t believe us, try it for yourselves!

#41 Tuna Salad - One of our Famous House Made Family recipes that we make in our delis every day! This has been a staple since the early days and remains very popular today, especially when we serve it on our Tunaletta sandwich.

#36 Club Sandwich - Ok, we sell A LOT of clubs. Probably because of our love affair with all things bacon. To give you an idea of the popularity, the Deli Club, our traditional triple decker, was eaten by more than 1.6 million people last year. If we add in our 2 other clubs, the very popular Royale and California clubs, we made a whopping 10,109,357 million club sandwiches!

#35 Tuna Melt - This classic sandwich has come and gone multiple times over the last 40 years but the recipe has not changed. Classic Tuna salad, Wheat, Tomato and Swiss. Since we sold almost 800,000 last year, you will enjoying these with your kids for years to come.

#30 Wild Salmon-wich (Fish Sandwich) - Our delicious take on the classic. We only source wild and sustainable Alaskan Salmon, a rich and delicious source of Omegas and other essential nutrients. This item continues to gain popularity and is truly “deli”cous!

#28 Muffaletta - This item is the epitome of a Classic! We get our bread straight from the famous Leidenheimer Bakery in NOLA, use our famous Muffaletta olive-vegetable mix created by our founder’s wife, Shelley, pile it high with only our highest quality meats and cheeses and then toast it to melty perfection. This classic has been a staple on our menu since 1978 and has a great story you can read about here. Last year alone we sold over 1.6 million across the country, discovered daily by guests everywhere not familiar with this iconic offering.

#26 PB and J - This kid classic has been on our Award Winning id’s menu for years. Made with organic peanut butter and organic grape jelly, it continues to satisfy our youngest raving fans!

#25 Meataballa (Meatball Sandwich) - You certainly cannot be a classic sandwich shop founded by Italians without this staple. It is comfort food, plain and simple.

#22 Chicken Salad - Yet another famous, Family recipe created by Shelley (we really don’t make this stuff up in a Boardroom) this classic is demanded by our most loyal guests! It is so beloved, we had to add it to the menu of our new Jason’s Express concept due to the demand. Pineapple and almonds make this version unique to our Brand and your taste buds.

#19 The Submarine - Anything on our menu can be a Submarine by specifying your sandwich be built on our famous New Orleans Style French Bread. It is crisper, flakier and lighter than others in the market place. We have been eating them forever!

#17 BLT - This classic was served in our delis for years as a triple decker version with 10 full pieces of bacon, Roma tomatoes and leafy lettuce. While it is not currently on our menus, you can still order it today and we will happily make it for you! It truly is hard to beat this perfect blend of crispy, smokey, crunchy, chewy, sweet and salty goodness! If you have not had one in a while, may I suggest treating yourself? OR, if you are near Fort Worth, come by the Express Deli to try one.

#14 Italian Poboy (Italian Hero) - This was another staple for years. Served on a French roll, stuffed with Italian Salami, ham, Provolone cheese, lettuce and tomato this classic evolved into our Italian Cruz (named for one of our employees that created it) that saw the addition of Pepperoncini peppers and our Famous Leo’s Italian Dressing.

#13 Cuban Press (The Cuban) - Our take on the classic which is very close to the original. The only real difference is we serve it on our chewy telera roll and with our Nitrite free smoked pork loin and ham.

#9 Pulled pork - This classic resided on our menus out on the East Coast for years. Made on an onion roll with our house made slaw.

#8 Grilled Cheese - As you may imagine, we sell a ton of these. Over 1.2 Million last year to be exact! Paired with a cup of our incredible Tomato Basil soup, it cannot be beaten on a cold, winter day for warming up!

#7 Bahn Mi - Served as a limited time offering, our version was delicious, made with a choice of the Smoked Pork or Chicken and a spicy slaw, it had a small but very loyal fan base.

#6 Roast Beef Sandwich - We have been making this sandwich with the same Aries Prepared Roast Beef that we served on day 1!. You will NOT find a more delicious Roast Beef anywhere. It is the beef we use for our Beefeater sandwich. Rediscover this classic on your choice of bread, cheese and just a hint of mayonnaise. I bet you forgot how good it is!

#5 Chicken Parmesan (the Parms) - While we currently have the Meataballa (some call that a meatball parmesan sandwich) we actually had a chicken parm version on our menu in the 2000s made with our marinara sauce, Provolone cheese and sauteed mushrooms.

#4 Reuben the Great (Reuben) - This is the BIGGIE! A ½ lb of our thinly sliced Corned Beef or Pastrami, 2 slices of Swiss Cheese and a pile of sauerkraut in hot, melty perfection that you WILL NOT find at a better value anywhere! How do we know that? Because over 2 Million of you came in last year to spend your hard earned money with us to purchase this monster!

#3 Breakfast Sandwich - Yes we have them and have been serving them for a very, very long time. While most are served via catering (did we mention we are one of the very few that deliver hot breakfast sandwiches to you), you can get them in delis as well.

#2 Po’boys - We have served numerous version of this classic for years. Be on the lookout in April for the return of THE CLASSIC DELI COWBOY for a limited time, made with stacks of Pit Smoked Brisket on our French roll, BBQ sauce, our cheddar cheese and red onions, then melted. I highly recommend adding Jalapenos!