Pumpkin Coffee Cake Balls Recipe

Hey Jason’s Deli Family!

It’s November, and like everyone else, we’re obsessed with all things pumpkin. That’s why we put together this scrumptious Pumpkin Coffee Cake Balls recipe for you!


Jason’s Deli Whole Pumpkin Coffee Cake

1 can cream cheese frosting

3 cups powdered sugar & 3 tsp cinnamon, mixed

2 cups pecans (crushed in blender or food processor)

(Makes about 34 cake balls)


  1. Crumble coffee cake in large bowl

  2. Add cream cheese frosting and mix well

  3. Roll mixture into balls 1 tbsp at a time and place on baking pan

  4. Place balls in freezer for 15 minutes

  5. Once you remove from freezer, roll balls in pecans and powdered sugar-cinnamon mixture

  6. Enjoy!

We hope this recipe makes its way into your Thanksgiving traditions this year!

It’s a family thing.™

See you soon!