Top 10 Friendsgiving Tips

Hey Jason’s Deli Family!

At some points in your life, your friends have probably felt more like your family. Why not host a Friendsgiving party and gather some of your favorite people around the table?

The title of “holiday hostess” can be a stressful one to take on - even if you’re only hosting long-time friends. Whether this is your first Friendsgiving or you consider yourself a seasoned expert, it’s always nice to have a few tricks up your sleeve.

Turkey or Not to Turkey

Celebrating with friends gives you the opportunity to shake up the traditional holiday meal. Go for a variety of finger foods to help keep the party casual yet comfortable. You can still have turkey but in non-traditional form with our deli slider tray.

Let Friends Help

Whether your group decides to go with a traditional turkey dinner or something out of the ordinary, it’s most efficient to have each guest bring a dish. Communicate well, so you avoid duplicate dishes. With options from healthy to indulgent, Jason’s Deli can easily help by adding to your holiday favorites.

Include Non-Cooks or Super-Busy Folks

Suggest something easy they can pick up or have delivered, like an a la carte item from our Catering for Entertaining menu. Paper goods, ice, or flowers are easy to purchase, too.

Respect Special Dieters, Not Picky Eaters

Good hosts are always respectful of their friends’ dietary restrictions, but should never have to cater to someone who just really hates broccoli. Plan for the vegan, gluten-sensitive and other dietary needs. Our menu indicates dishes that are perfect for everyone.


Setting up a self-serve buffet will ease some of the planning stress and assure you won’t be in the kitchen long.


Create a signature drink. Don’t be afraid to get festive, use our LaCroix products and Winter Spice Tea to help your guests mix it up and mingle.


Traditional pies or bite-sized treats, you can never have enough dessert. Jason’s Deli can help you add individual variety with our cake bites, bakery goods, and coffee cakes.

Leave It or Take It

Plan ahead with some fun to-go boxes and bags for leftovers. Pre-boxed desserts and goodies can be assembled and available as take home gifts.

Celebrate & Document

Have fun and take pictures! Memories are best captured and shared so you can always remember the good times.

Give Thanks

Show gratitude in a manner that best fits your friendship. Cards, notes, speeches, hugs, time together can help your meal be memorable. Personalized messages of gratitude are what the holiday is all about.  

Family is important to us here at Jason’s Deli and friends are a big part of that. We hope these tips help your group appreciate your time together during this season of thanks.

It’s a family thing.™

Happy Friendsgiving!