Valentine’s Day: Dreaded Holiday or Morale Booster?

Hey Jason’s Deli Family!

People have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. Some hope they will receive the perfect gift from a special someone, while others dread the day. I’ve experienced both extremes, and everything in between, only to be reminded that it is a day for everyone - no matter your relationship status. The thing most people want in life is love and acceptance. It’s just that simple.

We want to challenge you this year to recognize and share your love, acceptance and gratitude for others more. Who in your life deserves your gratitude? Your significant other and kids (obviously great choices), family and friends (can’t go wrong there); how about your co-workers, employees or even that person who challenges you the most? How about the stranger at the gas pump next to you, or the person at lunch who always sits alone? Here are some tips to help spread the love any day, not just Valentine’s Day:

Smile More 

I’m guilty of being so focused on where I’m going, what I’m thinking and doing next, that I forget my face is an outward expression of every thought in my head. I need a reminder to slow down, breathe and smile more to others. It is the gift that keeps on giving because they may appreciate it more than you know. 

Say Thank You

Showing gratitude can be as simple as saying “thank you.” Better yet, write a handwritten note.  Stand out in a world of email and text.

Plan Your Recognition

If you’re like me, you’re constantly on the go; so if it is not written down or put on your calendar, it doesn’t get done. Schedule recognition to a coworker, family member, or someone who needs to know you care. Put it on your calendar to make the phone call, mail the note, send a gift, or drop by for a “random” compliment.

Get Help

In my family, you show love and appreciation through food. Often, I don’t have time to bake a sweet treat or show up with a casserole, but one of my go-tos is Jason’s Deli and their cookies, strawberry shortcake, and new cake bites! I let them do the hard work and deliver it too  - Catering for Entertaining.

Be You 

Always be yourself when recognizing others. Keep it simple and have it come from your heart and you can never go wrong.

How can you recognize, show gratitude or acceptance differently this Valentine’s Day?

It’s a family thing.™